vendredi 16 mai 2014

Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

coloring mens hair
hair color for white hair
white hair color
gray hair
grey hair
why gray hair
hair whitening
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Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

samedi 8 mars 2014

beautiful woman with red hair

Beautiful portraits with red hair

a day in my backyard

cute little squirrel, beautiful green, and my dearest Kin :)

goodbye to autumn

Here are some shots I took of ginkgo tree at Pasadena with my new discovery lens, 
Super Takumar 50mm, f1.4
loving my new lens, though still getting used to the manual focus, but I LOVE IT!! :)

First day of Winter

12/21/2013, not the end of the world..
it's the first day of the Winter

finally winter has arrived here in L.A
i sure will miss all these amazing autumn colors though...